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Verification and Assurance of Sustainability Data

Stakeholders are increasingly using sustainability data to influence their decisions, and as a result there is a growing demand for third-party verification and assurance that an organization’s reported sustainability data is true and accurate.

Third-party verification provides credibility to an organization’s sustainability data and gives stakeholders increased confidence. AET has led dozens of verification engagements of sustainability data including GHG emissions, energy consumption, waste generation, and water consumption. We have verified in a range of industry sectors, including oil and gas, heavy manufacturing, commercial real estate, and regional government.

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1% For The Trees

As a company committed to being green and giving back, AET is planting trees throughout the local communities to make the world a greener place for all of us to live.

  • 11,979

    Trees Planted

  • 753,719

    Kilograms of CO2 Absorbed

  • 1,036,363

    Kilograms of O2 Produced

  • 23,958

    People Can Breathe Clean Air