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Building Sciences

The ability to create sustainable communities is largely dependent on constructing smarter and more innovative buildings that maximize energy efficiency, minimizes the need for non-renewable resources, results in minimal adverse environmental impacts and creates healthy living and work places by integrating natural systems and science into building design and operation.

From building retrofits to new construction, from residential to commercial, AET’s Building Science specialists provides the vision and technical capabilities to design and create building projects that fit within the framework of a sustainable community and that are in balance between environmental, social and economic aspects.

We formulate sustainable building solutions that integrate green design innovations into conventional building design criteria. Our approach takes into consideration environmental impacts, energy usage and sources, materials, transportation, design and construction, natural systems and processes, resource efficiency and by-product disposal.

  • LEED consultation and facilitation
  • Green building design & construction
  • Green building retrofits
  • Energy evaluations
  • Building envelope studies
  • Building condition surveys
  • Construction environmental specifications
  • Project management
  • Home Flood Protection Assessments