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Management and Reporting of Environmental Indicators, Including Waste, Water, Energy, GHG

Accurate and transparent reporting of sustainability data is an extremely important aspect of an organization’s sustainability management.

Understanding the audience for the sustainability information is critical in how the reporting of the data should be presented. AET has extensive experience working with organizations in the reporting of their sustainability data in a variety of formats, including CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), Global Reporting Initiative, organizational sustainability reports, and internal management reports.

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1% For The Trees

As a company committed to being green and giving back, AET is planting trees throughout the local communities to make the world a greener place for all of us to live.

  • 9,273

    Trees Planted

  • 583,457

    Kilograms of CO2 Absorbed

  • 802,254

    Kilograms of O2 Produced

  • 18,546

    People Can Breathe Clean Air