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Office Green Building Major Renovation

In 2009 AET purchased and extensively renovated a new office building, with a focus on sustainability.  Some of the key features incorporated into the renovation included:

  • Reclamation & restoration of 128 year old pine plank flooring
  • Hemp oil finish to all trim, doors, wood floors, staircase and railings
  • No VOC paint on all walls (interior & exterior)
  • Outdoor lighting on photo sensors
  • Built-in work stations constructed from recycled materials
  • Increased insulation from 0 to R24 (walls) & R52 (ceilings).  Natural soy based spray foam insulation used
  • Installation of low-flow dual flush toilet & low flow fixtures
  • Installation of LED lighting in office areas & T5 fluorescent lighting in boardroom/common areas (~75% reduction in lighting energy use)
  • Upper two thirds of interior private office walls glazed with double pane glass (allows natural light infiltration)
  • New high efficiency heating/cooling system with electronically controlled dampers and 4-zone thermostat system
  • Programmable thermostats settings optimized for reduced energy consumption when building is not occupied
  • Installation of a heat recovery ventilator
  • Installation of opening skylight for natural lighting & ventilation

1% For The Trees

As a company committed to being green and giving back, AET is planting trees throughout the local communities to make the world a greener place for all of us to live.

  • 11,883

    Trees Planted

  • 747,678

    Kilograms of CO2 Absorbed

  • 1,028,058

    Kilograms of O2 Produced

  • 23,766

    People Can Breathe Clean Air

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