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Katie McMillan

Manager of Waste Analytics and Development

Katie McMillan is the Manager of Waste Analytics and Development at AET Group, co-managing the Waste Services Team with the Waste Audit Manager, William Baird. As part of AET’s waste services team, Katie brings 6 years of experience managing and leading hundreds of solid waste studies for IC&I sectors across Canada including: waste monitoring and inspections, waste assessments, waste reduction programs, data analysis, reporting and data and report peer review. Katie’s more recent experience includes managing solid waste studies for multiple levels of government including waste composition and characterization audits and inbound audits at Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). Katie holds a Bachelor of Science from Brock University, and a Diploma in Environmental Management and Assessment from Niagara College.

Katie enjoys reading, camping, swimming, and spending time with her dogs. She enjoys networking with other environmental professionals and keeping up to date with the ever-evolving nature of the waste management industry.

Professional Registrations:

  • Environmental Professional in-training, ECO Canada