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MRF Commodity and Material Density Study

Location: Municipalities across Ontario
Client: Stewardship Ontario
Date: 2013 – 2019

Project description: AET has been contracted by Stewardship Ontario to conduct audits at Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) across Ontario since  2013. The purpose of the studies is to collect data on the composition and volume/density of processed, ready to be baled Blue Box material across Ontario. The volumes of inbound Blue Box materials (pre-sort) would be compared to the volumes of materials after they had been run through the sorting line. This is important for our client in operational planning and management of Blue Box waste in the field where its volumes arguably pose more restrictions and requirements for capacity and handling than its tonnage. Density data is sampled and measured annually for the Blue Box program, to reflect current material characteristics and changes in the form of printed paper and packaging. Stewardship Ontario will use the data collected for material allocation purposes associated with the process of calculating the quantities of Blue Box materials recovered in Ontario, which is ultimately used in the fee setting methodology. In order to determine the overall tonnes of the various Blue Box materials recovered in Ontario each year, Stewardship Ontario allocates material for reported commingled materials based on waste composition data.