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Government Re-Verifications

Location: Alberta, Canada
Client: Province of Alberta
Date: 2015 – 2019

Each year the Province of Alberta selects a percentage of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission facility compliance reports and carbon offset project reports to be re-verified as a means to monitor quality control in the Province’s carbon market. AET Group has been a pre-qualified vendor for conducting these government re-verifications since 2015. AET Group has led a wide range of re-verification projects including oil and gas facility emission compliance reports and several categories of carbon offset projects (conservation cropping, energy efficiency, and vent gas capture). Each re-verification requires AET Group to conduct a detailed assessment of the facility or offset project and to investigate the key issues or risks that influence the GHG reporting.

In addition to our experience leading government re-verifications of GHG compliance reports and carbon offset projects, AET Group is also a pre-qualified vendor for conducting government audits of Alberta fuel suppliers that must meet the Renewable Fuels Standard regulation requirements.