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GHG Management Assessment

Location: Across North America
Client: Algonquin Power and Utilities Corporation
Date: 2015, 2018

Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp. (APUC) is a leading North American power-generation and utility company. AET conducted a comprehensive review and assessment of the greenhouse gas (GHG) management and reporting system for APUC’s power generation facilities and US-based utility services. APUC wanted to ensure that their GHG management system was properly structured to meet the increasing GHG demands of their stakeholders. APUC’s GHG management system includes a broad range of GHG sources including fuels used in their power generation facilities, fugitive emissions from natural gas distribution and electricity transmission, vehicle fleet fuel consumption, and indirect GHG from electricity consumption.

AET’s assessment identified numerous opportunities for APUC to improve the efficiency of its data management, the accuracy of its calculations, and the analytic capability of its data set. AET also developed a set of GHG data management and reporting tools to be utilized across all APUC facilities to ensure consistency and accuracy of GHG data management within the organization and compliance with various regulatory programs.