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GHG Inventory and Management System Implementation

Location: Canada
Client: CKF Inc
Date: 2014

CKF Inc. is one of Canada’s largest producers of environmentally-friendly molded pulp, plastic, and foam packaging products for the food industry, as well as a leading manufacturer of disposable dinnerware products under the Royal Chinet brand. AET Group led the planning and implementation of CKF’s GHG inventory and associated GHG management system. AET Group facilitated a visioning and scoping session with CKF’s corporate environmental committee to reach consensus on several key issues including base year definition, data collection strategies, definition of performance indicators, and selection of Scope 3 emission sources to include in the inventory.


AET’s assessment identified numerous opportunities for CKF to improve the efficiency of its data management, the accuracy of its calculations, and the analytic capability of its data set. AET also developed a set of GHG data management and reporting tools to be utilized across all CKF facilities to ensure consistency and accuracy of GHG data management within the organization.