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Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits

Location: Across Ontario
Client: Metroland Media Group
Date: 2011

AET was retained by Torys LLP to undertake environmental regulatory compliance audits for ten (10) Metroland Media Group printing facilities across Ontario.  The environmental compliance audits reported on the status of each facility with respect to current environmental regulations, on the basis of readily available records.  The regulatory environmental compliance audit(s) included a brief overview of the background history of each facility, a site orientation tour and inspection of the plant and property, record reviews, and interviews with personnel in management, maintenance, shipping/receiving and facility operations.  Each of the facilities was audited against federal, provincial and municipal regulations/bylaws.  Each facility was provided with a comprehensive report outlining the environmental compliance findings (compliance or non-compliance) in addition to Opportunities for Improvement (Best Management Practices).  A presentation was provided to the senior management and the environmental committee highlighting the results of the audit(s).