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Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits

Location: Sudbury, Kapuskasing, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Client: TransCanada PipeLines Limited
Date: 2007

AET was retained by TransCanada PipeLines to conduct environmental compliance audits of the Keith R. Thompson Inc. site in Sudbury Ontario, the Dufour site in Kapuskasing and the Potters Pumping site in Thunder Bay for TransCanada Pipelines. The audits were conducted to assess and report on the current status of environmental management and regulatory compliance pertaining to the handling, transport, storage and on-site operations of liquid industrial and hazardous wastes. This assessment was based on current available information provided by each, which includes a brief review of the background history of the site, an orientation tour and inspection of the site, document and record reviews, and interviews with personnel.

A site assessment was conducted of all interiors of buildings and the exterior perimeter of the site(s). The main purpose of these assessments was to provide TransCanada PipeLines with the information they require to assess whether or not their subcontractors are managing the waste streams according to environmental regulations and as proof of their due diligence. Site visits were conducted at which time the document and record review, the property assessment and employee interviews were completed. For each audit, a report summarizing the compliant and non-compliant issues was submitted including suggestions for continuous improvement where evidence of compliance was found but, with slight adjustments a level of best management practice could be achieved.