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Energy and GHG Assessments of Ontario Manufacturing Facilities

Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: 2017 – 2019

Smart Green was a program that provided Ontario-based manufacturers with funding to invest in equipment or process updates that would reduce the energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the facility. The program was funded by the Government of Ontario through revenue collected from the provincial cap and trade carbon market. Smart Green required each candidate manufacturer to have energy assessments conducted to determine the baseline (existing) energy profile of the facility and equipment and to project the impact of the new equipment on energy and GHG reductions. AET Group was a recognized Qualified Technical Service Provider for the Smart Green program and worked with manufacturers in a range of product types (roof trusses, industrial welding, gear manufacturing, doors and windows) in the development of their energy profile assessments.

For each manufacturer AET Group would conduct a detailed walk-through of the facility and would install portable power meters to collect data on the energy consumption (and associated GHG emissions) of the existing equipment to establish the baseline profile. Projected energy profiles of the planned replacement equipment were prepared through an analysis of the equipment specifications and planned usage amounts.