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Effluent Sampling, Monitoring and Management Planning

Location: Across Southwestern Ontario
Client: Metroland Media Group Ltd.
Date: 2011 – ongoing

AET was retained as the prime environmental consultant to assist the Metroland Media Group develop an Effluent Sampling and Monitoring Program including sample frequency and sample collection and analysis of effluent discharges from catch basins at 10 sites throughout Ontario.

Working with Metroland Media Group’s Environmental Representative, AET assisted in the development of a monitoring program for the management of effluent samples from sanitary and storm catch basins to comply with the municipal by-laws for each municipality Metroland Media Group resides.  As part of the effluent sampling and monitoring program, AET arranged for multi-site testing of effluent twice annually for all printing sites (8) except for 2 sites who will have yearly tests.  The effluent sampling was carried out in accordance with the procedures as described in the “Guidance Document for the Sampling and Analysis of Wastewater for the Model Sewer Use By-law” and/or analytical methods adopted by the Municipality, ensuring QA/QC protocols were followed.  A combination of composite and/or grab samples were obtained from catch basins or effluent source points manually or by using an automatic sampling device.  AET reviewed and managed the analytical data sets ensuring timely results.