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Drinking Water Quality Management System Audits

Location: Across Ontario
Client: QMI SAI Global/Canadian General Standards Board
Date: 2009 – ongoing

The drinking water quality management system audits are intended to gather the information necessary to assess whether accreditation can be offered to the operating authority of each municipality subject system.  The accreditation of operating authorities is a mandatory requirement of the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002.  The Act stipulates that, in order for a municipal residential drinking-water system to obtain a Municipal Drinking Water License, the system must be operated by an accredited Operating Authority.  The Accreditation Program for Operating Authorities of municipal drinking-water systems is the formalized process whereby an Operating Authority’s quality management system is assessed against the Ontario Ministry of Environment’s Drinking Water Quality Management Standard.  It includes a review of an Operating Authority’s documented management system and ongoing audit of the facility to ensure the management system has been implemented and is effective.

AET was contracted with the Canadian General Standards Board to audit municipalities to determine whether the drinking water quality management system of the subject system(s) conforms to the requirements of the Ministry of Environment Drinking Water Quality Management Standard within the following geographical locations: South Central Ontario, Lake Simcoe Area, Ontario Peninsula-North, Ontario Peninsula-West, Ontario Peninsula-South and the Golden Horseshoe.

AET is currently leading a team of 7 auditors for QMI SAI Global providing accreditation audits to the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard for Ontario municipalities across the province.