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Carbon Offset Project Verifications

Location: Alberta, Canada
Client: Carbon Credit Solutions Inc.
Date: 2016, 2019

Carbon Credit Solutions Inc. (CCSI) is a leading developer of carbon offset projects in both regulatory and voluntary carbon markets around the world. AET Group was contracted by CCSI to perform verifications of six offset projects that are in the conservation cropping category of offsets. These complex projects are an aggregation of hundreds of individual farms located throughout the province of Alberta that are generating carbon offsets through soil management practices that store increased amounts of carbon in the soil. The verifications required an experienced and knowledgeable verification team to address issues such as sampling and data management that are critical to aggregated projects. AET Group has also verified two wind energy offset projects for CCSI.

In total AET Group has verified approximately 600,000 tonnes of GHG reductions that have been achieved in carbon offset projects managed by CCSI. AET Group has also provided CCSI with several recommendations that have been adopted to improve the data management of the carbon offset projects.