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AET Group Inc. Celebrates 20 Years in Business!

October 23, 2018


In 1998, AET started as two men hoping to make a positive impact on the environment, now we’re a loyal team of 30 and still actively searching for additional talent to join our rapidly expanding organization. 20 years since it’s inception, the vision for AET has remained the same – to become a leading and sought-after environmental consulting and auditing company that provides sustainable solutions that protect the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the earth in which we live. In 2018, the company has evolved into a trusted partner for sustainable solutions providing multi-disciplinary environmental consulting, auditing, and scientific services not only across Canada, but in the United States, South America, and the Caribbean.

The road to 20 years has not been one of ease – it required long days and longer nights, hard work, perseverance, and several learning experiences. However, the most important factor of our success has been the relationships built along the way. Our loyal base of clients, supporting partners, and hardworking group of employees have enabled AET Group to prosper and become what it is today. These contributions have allowed us to continue our reputation as a highly-trusted and leading-edge environmental consulting company and land numerous awards and industry recognition over the years, including:


The continuation of this success relies on our ability to adapt to the ever-changing industry standards, and our confidence in the belief that service trumps sales – treating each client like they are the only client and focusing on the specific needs of the client rather than looking for the next sale.

We are grateful to have had such an eventful and special 20 years and we’re excited to continue to work together towards a better and brighter future. In the words of Managing Director & CEO, Scott Freiburger, “we all have a role to play in a sustainable future, to make sure that the public, industry, and organizations are educated and made aware about how our decisions and habits can impact the environment.  More and more people are beginning to recognize that climate change is real, but some are still unsure about its causes.  Scientists have concluded that humans are a major cause.  We’re the ones that burn the fossil fuels and clear trees that absorb CO2.  The sooner we all agree that the science is settled, the sooner we can work together toward addressing climate change and a better future for us all!”

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