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Rain Garden and Bioswale

REEP Green Solutions performed an assessment on our head office site on storm water management.  To address some of these problem’s AET worked with REEP on a rain garden and bioswale.

A bioswale is a planter box used to lower storm water being directed into the storm sewer.  Water is directed through a 500L stone forebay and into the bioswale.  Water is taken up by native plants in the box, and percolates through into the groundwater.  Excess water overflows into the newly constructed rain garden.  REEP estimates a 70% reduction in water entering the storm sewer.

For more information about the project, please visit REEP’s blog about the bioswale.

1% For The Trees

As a company committed to being green and giving back, AET is planting trees throughout the local communities to make the world a greener place for all of us to live.

  • 11,883

    Trees Planted

  • 747,678

    Kilograms of CO2 Absorbed

  • 1,028,058

    Kilograms of O2 Produced

  • 23,766

    People Can Breathe Clean Air

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