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2018 Sustainability Challenge

October 24, 2018


AET employees are passionate about our commitments to taking measurable steps to help protect our environment. Our 4th Annual Sustainability Challenge was a way for employees to show off the unique ways they live sustainably both at work and at home.

After a successful 2018 Carbon Cleanse led by Sustainable Waterloo Region, AET’s Sustainability Team was inspired to follow suit and turn our own challenge into a Bingo card style. Participants were awarded the following:

o 1 point for each sustainable action

o 1 point for tweeting the action

o 1 point for adding a photo of the action being completed

Additional points were awarded for completing a line (2 points) and completing the entire card (5 points).

Company-wide, the month-long challenge resulted in 79 sustainable actions total, with Laurel leading the pack as the winner due to her strong presence on social media and assistance from her partner in crime, Deagan, who expects to receive half the prize.

With second place on the line, Allie hunkered down for battle and Jess engaged in some creative carpentry. In the end, it was a stalemate, with a tie for second place.

2018 Sustainability Challenge

Pulling into third place with her sweet hybrid ride was Kerri, with an honourable mention to newcomer Elizabeth, who tied Laurel for the most sustainable actions.

2018 Sustainability Challenge

We appreciate all our employees who participated in the challenge and who make an effort to shed light on easy alternatives and swaps that can help lead to a cleaner environment and healthier planet. We look forward to the 5th Annual Sustainability Challenge in 2019!