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Renewable Energy Feasibility Study

Location: Woodstock, ON
Client: City of Woodstock
Date: 2009

The City of Woodstock, Ontario was considering the installation of a roof mounted solar photovoltaic system (Solar PV) on the Woodstock District Community Complex.  AET conducted a feasibility study on the solar PV system.  The site, located at 381 Finkle St, was evaluated for its solar potential as well as its electrical and structural feasibility to accept the system.  Two types of solar PV systems were assessed for their feasibility; a tracking system and a fixed system.  The Woodstock District Community Complex was evaluated for its potential to support a solar PV system and the cost and benefits of such a system.  The project included a site analysis that would address the shading, orientation and tilt of the potential system as well as an assessment of the electrical systems ability to accommodate the solar array. The structural integrity of the Community Complex was also assessed to determine whether the existing building’s roof could support the extra load of a solar PV system.