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Suzan Poyraz

Suzan Poyraz

Waste Management Consultant

Suzan Poyraz is a Waste Management Consultant at AET Group (AET). Suzan comes from a varied background that spans business (advertising), art (film and television), and scholarship. After completing her PhD at the University of Toronto as a philosopher (specializing in ethics, with additional interest in philosophy of knowledge and science), and working as an Associate Researcher at the School of Public Health in the same university, Suzan decided to pursue her lifelong passion of encouraging waste reduction. She chose to become a consultant for the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors, to help them reduce their waste while increasing profitability. Suzan applied her professional research skills to gain a deeper understanding of waste management and to interview other professionals in the field. Following Recycling Council of Ontario’s Waste Auditor course, she joined AET for field work in auditing, research, and writing.

Suzan plans to apply her background in research and her close understanding of ethical decision making to encourage waste management (which she prefers to call discarded resources management) practices that are socially responsible and consistent with the Reduce/Reuse/Recycle (3Rs) hierarchy. Through her employment in the advertising sector (following her first university degree in Business Administration) Suzan acquired the skills necessary for the important but difficult task of motivating individuals to replace established habits with new ones; her experience in teaching adults has given her insight into customised communication and instruction methods.

Suzan loves to walk, especially to discover different neighbourhoods in her city, admiring both the natural environment and the architecture. Committed to the 3Rs in her personal life, she pursues knowledge for continuing growth as a waste management professional, and closely follows the social, technical, and regulation-related news on waste management and reduction, including on economies of sharing and the Circular Economy. In her spare time, Suzan is involved in sharing economy initiatives such as Tool Libraries, and learning more on the principles and practical applications of the Circular Economy through on-line courses.