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Ryan Bourner

Ryan Bourner

Environmental Technologist

Ryan Bourner is an Environmental Technologist at AET Group (AET). He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a specialization in Chemical Engineering, along with a Post Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management and Assessment.   With over seven years in the environmental sector, Ryan has been certified as an Environmental Professional (EP) with specializations in Waste Management, Water Quality, and Sustainability. Ryan also holds a certificate as a Toxic Substances Reduction Planner with the Ministry of the Environment.

Ryan’s background and versatility has led him to become involved in many different aspects of AET’s business including; Environmental Sampling, Environmental Remediation, Waste Management, and Auditing.

Ryan has been deeply involved in AET’s main remediation project, working with a team that monitors and maintains a groundwater extraction system (GES) and several indoor air mitigation systems (IAMS) around the associated community.  The monitoring program has involved the sampling of process water from the GES, groundwater, surface water, and indoor air.  Many of these results have been mapped (GIS) and stored in an internal database which is maintained by Ryan.

Ryan has over six years of experience on waste management projects including; Municipal Waste Audits, IC&I Waste Audits and Waste Reduction Plans, Material Recovery Facility Recycling Studies, and Residential Litter Audits.  His audit experience extends into Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Compliance, Drinking Water Quality Management Systems, and Integrated Pest Management.  He has spent over three years leading internal audits for DWQMS, and Accreditation Audits against the IPM standard.  He will be taking on more responsibility in this sector by training to become an Environmental Management System Lead Auditor.

Presently, Ryan is chair of the Sustainability Team, which works to guide the environmental practices at AET.  During Ryan’s time on the team, AET has installed a green expansion onto the office, built a bio-swale and stone forebay, and received several awards from Sustainable Waterloo Region for our environmental practices.

Outside of work, Ryan enjoys hiking and bicycling throughout the Niagara Region, and spending quality time with his wife and daughter.

Professional Registrations:

  • Certified Environmental Professional (Waste Management, Sustainability, Water Quality), Eco Canada
  • Certified Environmental Management System Lead Auditor, Eco Canada
  • Licensed Toxics Reduction Planner
  • Operator-In-Training for Drinking Water and Wastewater