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Max Stead

Maxwell Stead

Waste Technician

Max Stead is a waste technician at AET Group (AET).   He joined AET in 2006 and has extensive experience supporting solid waste studies for all levels of government and IC&I sectors including: optimization studies at material recovery facilities, curbside participation studies, new program pilot studies, construction waste management and waste assessments. He has been involved in over 100 waste projects across Canada including most notably Seasonal Single Family Residential Waste Composition Study of 7 municipalities across Ontario in consultation with Waste Diversion Ontario and Stewardship Ontario; City of Burnaby Diversion Materials Composition Study;  Commodity Composition Audits at various MRF’s in Manitoba for the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association and Construction Waste Management oversight at several residential developments in Ontario.  Max is a man of many skills, and is also relied upon to keep things in top shape around the office.

Outside of work, Max enjoys following the Toronto Maple Leafs and keeping busy with his two dogs.