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Kerri Blair

Manager of Waste Operations

Kerri Blair is Manager of Waste Operations at AET Group (AET).  As a valuable leader of AET’s waste services since 2012, Kerri has extensive experience managing and completing solid waste studies and developing waste management programs for all levels of government and IC&I sectors including: waste composition audits, litter studies, optimization studies at material recovery facilities (MRF’s), MRF commissioning audits, new program pilot studies, waste reduction programs, waste monitoring and inspections, and waste assessments and analysis. She has completed hundreds of waste projects across Canada and is a 3RCertified Waste Auditor Training Instructor with the Circular Innovation Council.  Kerri holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Geography from Brock University and completed a post-graduate diploma in Environmental Management and Assessment.

Kerri enjoys engaging in home renovation projects that promote sustainable building practices. She hopes to keep exploring new innovative ideas that bring a new flare to green living.

Professional Registrations:

  • Certified Environmental Professional (Waste Management), Eco Canada