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Alexandra Espana

Alexandra Espana

Operations Coordinator

Alexandra joined AET Group (AET) in March 2018 as the Administrative Coordinator and quickly showcased her eagerness to jump in and assist co-workers with projects. She graduated from Brock University with an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Psychology and continued her education in Human Resources Management. Her passion for working with people and making a difference, coupled with an understanding of business fundamentals contributes to Alexandra’s success in her all-encompassing role.

Alexandra uses her passion, creativity, and attention to detail to organize and supervise all administrative responsibilities that facilitate the smooth running of the office, including but not limited to; social media and marketing management, recruitment, onboarding, and benefits administration, supply procurement, event planning and project bookings, insurance and small finance management, and policy, procedure, and personnel record management.

Alexandra is a self-proclaimed “tree-hugger” and works towards a greener planet through a vegetarian diet and the use of local eco-friendly products. She enjoys spending her free time in nature – hiking with her dog, camping, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, or just relaxing with a good book at the cottage.