Corporate Policy

At AET Group, sustainability means to survive and prosper, to create more value than we consume, and to fulfill our present needs within the carrying capacity of our planet, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

AET Group seeks to integrate the environmental, economic and societal aspects of its business to protect the natural environment, achieve sustained financial success and develop the Company’s reputation as a respected corporation. To achieve this, AET Group will apply the principles of sustainability in all aspects of its operations. Our mission encompasses a holistic “triple bottom line” approach to sustainability that considers the following aspects of sustainability:

  • Environmental: how our company’s operations are affecting the biophysical environment
  • Social: the welfare of people working in our company and in the broader communities we work in
  • Financial: integrating our social and environmental responsibilities into a business with long-term and sustainable profitability.

Through its decisions and actions to provide environmental consulting, auditing and scientific services, AET Group will endeavor to be a sustainable corporation by creating more value than we consume, being innovative, adapting to change, retaining customers and employees and creating a symbiotic relationship between human activity and nature. AET Group takes active steps to ensure that our Corporate Sustainability Policy is integrated in day-to-day operations and activities.

Corporate Commitment. AET Group will pursue a process of continuous improvement with regard to the sustainable development of its operations.

Integrated Management. AET Group will integrate its Corporate Sustainability Policy, and associated programs ,standards and policies in all activities and all functions as an essential element of management. AET Group will create an environment where a genuine concern for sustainability is fostered through example and involvement. The implementation of these polices will be considered when taking into account performance at all levels.

Environmental Stewardship. AET Group will demonstrate corporate environmental responsibility by consistently choosing environmentally responsible technologies and practices. AET Group will also seek to effectively and efficiently utilize natural resources in the construction and operation of its business.

Economic Development. AET Group will actively work to create and promote local economic opportunities associated with our operations and activities.

Employment. AET Group will actively work to create a safe and healthy environment for its employees. Through the training, reinforcement and continuous improvement of our environmental, health and safety policies and procedures, AET Group ensures the safety of all employees and the natural environment.

Communications. AET Group will establish and maintain communications with its employees, the community and other appropriate stakeholders, to keep them fully informed on the Company’s environmental and corporate social responsibility activities and operations.

Compliance. AET Group will comply with relevant government legislation, regulations and policies.

Using this Corporate Sustainability Policy as a central principle, AET has also developed the following policies to provide detailed guidance: