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AET’s experience in environmental remediation includes operation and maintenance of groundwater pump and treat systems and in-situ oxidant injection systems.  AET Consultants was also the Project Coordinator and Remediation Consultant for residential building retrofits and renovations for a community-wide indoor air remediation project. The project included the following:

  • Worked closely with indoor air specialist to develop feasible recommendations to mitigate vapour intrusion in over 100 residential homes, including design and install of subslab depressurization (SSD) systems.
  • Developed schedules for remediation based on construction requirements
  • Developed required drawings for permits and coordinated activities with the local municipality
  • Indoor air monitoring programs
  • Water pump and treat systems
  • Soil vapour extraction systems
  • Groundwater and surface water sampling programs
  • Stakeholder engagement and public consultation
  • Remedial project management
  • Specialized Communications
  • Radon gas assessment and mitigation