Environmental audits help organizations safeguard the environment and minimize risks.  AET specializes in all aspects of environmental auditing and provides specialized auditing services including regulatory compliance, management systems, drinking water quality, waste, energy, waste electronics and integrated pest management accreditation.

Regulatory Compliance

Environmental compliance audits are intended to determine an organization’s compliance status with current regulations, legislation, bylaws and permits.  Audits can be complex and tend to include federal, provincial/state and local regulations.  AET’s auditors have a thorough understanding and extensive working knowledge of environmental regulations to assist organizations identify compliance issues and develop plans to ensure ongoing compliance.

Management Systems
Management system audits including ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 are voluntary management systems that assist organizations manage risk, meet customer and societal demands and satisfy legislative requirements.  AET has certified auditors to verify and determine whether an organizations activities, products or services are conforming to the requirements of the Management System Standard.  In addition, we provide organizations with a clear understanding of their risks and opportunities for future change and improvements.

Drinking Water Quality

The Safe Drinking Water Act requires Owner and Operating Authorities of municipal residential drinking water systems to have an accredited Operating Authority.  To be accredited, a Quality Management System must be established and maintained as specified in the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Drinking Water Quality Management Standard.  AET’s auditors have extensive experience and working knowledge of municipal drinking water systems and the DWQMS to audit Operating Authorities of any size and complexity against the requirements of the Standard.

IPM Golf Accreditation

The IPM Council of Canada is an accreditation body by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment under O. Reg. 63/09, requiring all golf courses wishing to use Class 9 pesticides must become IPM Accredited through the IPM Accreditation Program.  As a requirement under the program, golf facilities must complete and submit the required forms for a desk review audit annually and successfully pass an on-site audit every three years.  AET is managing and facilitating a 9-member audit team to conduct desk review and on-site audits for over 660 golf courses located throughout Ontario.


A waste audit is an inventory and composition analysis of an organizations waste stream.  It can identify what types of materials an organization generates and how much of each type is recovered through diversion programs or discarded.  AET’s waste auditors provide independent and unbiased audits that  help organizations ranging from municipalities to industry plan and design more efficient waste programs, reduce air, ground and water pollution and conserve natural resources.  AET’s waste auditing team has completed over 700 waste audit studies across Canada for a variety of sectors including all levels of government, manufacturing, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, school boards, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.


An energy audit consists of a building evaluation, survey and analysis of energy flows.  An energy audit or assessment will illustrate where building improvements can save energy and water consumption, reduce greenhouse gases and save money through more efficient energy use.   From residential homes to commercial buildings and institutions, AET’s certified energy advisors will evaluate a building to establish an energy consumption baseline; quantify energy usage; and, identify existing energy cost reduction opportunities including return on investment.

Waste Electronics

AET has certified and experienced auditors to assess Reuse/Refurbisher organizations against the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Reuse and Refurbishment Standard and against province-specific compliance requirements.  AET is currently qualified with the following Waste Electronics Programs: Ontario Electronics Stewardship, Electronic Products Recycling Association of BC and Atlantic Canada Electronics Stewardship.