Air quality is a vitally important aspect of environmental management.  AET manages and conducts both ambient and indoor air quality monitoring as part of environmental remediation projects.  As part of ECA compliance monitoring, AET technicians deploy various types of monitoring equipment to assess discharges from mitigation equipment into the natural environment.  Vapour intrusion and mitigation assessment is another aspect of AET’s expertise.  AET has conducted indoor air sampling programs in commercial, industrial and residential properties to assess the efficacy of vapour intrusion mitigation equipment.  Results of sampling undergo QA/QC and are communicated directly with property owners and with regulators, as appropriate.

AET has direct experience in the verification of municipal GHG inventories that have been prepared for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Partner’s for Climate Protection (PCP) Program including the community GHG inventory verification for the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.  This experience has provided AET with an expert knowledge of the PCP program and the best-practice GHG management system characteristics to prepare for third-party verification.  AET has led GHG management projects in a variety of industry sectors, including printing and media, manufacturing, insurance and government. AET’s consulting services include, but are not limited to GHG inventory planning and implementation, GHG verification, carbon offset project development, product life cycle assessments, workshops and training, and expertise in carbon markets and GHG regulations.

  • Indoor air monitoring programs
  • Odour and noise assessments
  • Dispersion modeling
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals
  • Government Reporting an Permits
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory
  • Validation and verification of GHG inventories
  • GHG target setting and reduction opportunities