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Indoor Air Vapour Intrusion and Remediation

AET is in the unique position of being involved in every single aspect of one of the largest vapour intrusion and remediation projects in Canada.   AET manages and conducts a large scale, vapour intrusion related, Residential and Commercial/Industrial indoor air sampling program in Cambridge, ON. AET facilitates every aspect of this sampling program from contacting over 700 property owners located in the study area to assessing results for the individual property owners as well as assessing overall trends in the study area. AET goes above and beyond to provide ongoing support to the stakeholders in the community not only in the form of assessment and mitigation for elevated indoor air levels but as a resource to empower and educate all current and future residents of the community.

As the front line project management team, AET liaises with government agencies and relays communications from residents of the community through to agency groups and vice versa. AET provides continuity throughout the project by assessing the effectiveness of all remediation and mitigation technologies employed in the study area with respect to their effectiveness in controlling indoor air levels and relates this assessment to all public and private stakeholders alike.

Location: Cambridge, ON
Client: Northstar Aerospace /NS Group/Ministry of Environment
Date: 2005 – ongoing