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Solid Waste Composition Study

Location: Chilliwack, BC
Client: City of Chilliwack
Date: 2010 – 2011

AET was contracted by The City of Chilliwack to conduct a comprehensive solid waste audit study to determine the composition of waste from various sectors. This included sampling of City parks, downtown street cans, schools, single family residential, and various inbound landfill sources (industrial, commercial, institutional, construction & demolition, etc.).  Recycling depot surveying at two different city depots was also conducted.

The objective of the study is to aid in the establishment of a baseline understanding of the solid waste stream composition as well as generation rates respective to generator categories.  This information will identify major avenues in waste diversion and reduction opportunities for the City of Chilliwack as well as set a benchmark for comparison with future audits. AET calculated the overall estimated annual waste generated within the City of Chilliwack and the percentage diverted from landfill through existing City diversion programs including the residential curbside recycling & yard waste programs, recycling depots, landfill diversion programs, commercial recycling at the material recover facility, and stewardship material programs.