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Regulatory Environmental Awareness Training

Location: Cambridge, Ontario
Client: Dana Canada Long Manufacturing
Date: 2004

AET was retained by Dana Canada Long Manufacturing to develop and conduct regulatory environmental awareness training of all management and staff pertaining to environmental regulations, their EMS and Emergency Preparedness & Response Procedures. This comprehensive regulatory compliance training included a thorough explanation of the hierarchy of environmental laws and regulations in Canada, describing the relationship between federal, provincial and regional environmental regulations. The training program was part of the overall awareness training given to over 140 employees and management at the automotive parts manufacturer – Dana Canada Long Manufacturing, Cambridge in Ontario, Canada.

The training session was structured using multi-media presentations and included seminar participants in relevant discussions and applicable activities aimed at reinforcing the material being communicated. Participants gained an enhanced level of understanding of Canadian environmental laws and regulations as well as an appreciation of how their individual actions may affect their organization’s environmental performance.