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Langley “Blue + 2” Pilot Waste and Recycling Audit

Location: Langley, BC
Client: Canadian Plastics Industry Association
Date: 2012

AET was contracted by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) to conduct a series of three – one week composition audits for the participants in the “Blue +2” pilot program.  A total of 800 homes across Langley were in the pilot program, and AET sampled 10% of the pilot areas or 20 homes per day (10 in small kit pilot area and 10 in large kit pilot area). The difference between the large kit and small kit area was the amount of bags the residents received at the start of the pilot program. Each audit consisted of a detailed composition analysis of garbage, recycling, and the 2 blue bags collected from the 80 households (if they participated) over a four day period.  The project is intended to give CPIA information on the participation rates for the pilot areas across the 3 weeks (1 in the first week of the program, 1 in the middle, and 1 at the completion of the program) and capture, and diversion rates for the materials (expanded styrofoam, and film) that is intended to be placed in the blue bags distributed to the residents.