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Industrial Waste Audit & Waste Reduction Work Plan

Location: Kitchener, ON
Client: CompX Waterloo Furniture Components
Date: 2004 – 2012

In accordance with Ontario Regulation 102/94, AET was contracted by CompX to conduct an annual waste audit for their facility located in Kitchener since 2004.  The waste audit report documented the status of the facility with respect to current waste management practices. Calculations were made on the overall waste diversion rate based on waste collected and sampled during the audit and material reused and recycled by weight provided by the client. The waste audit report includes current waste management practices and procedures, an approach and methodology, audit sort results, waste generated by waste zone, and recommendations.  An achievable waste reduction work plan is presented at the end of the document that explains how CompX can further reduce the quantity of waste sent for disposal. From 2004-2012, the amount of material disposed has decreased from 137 kg/employee/year to 43 kg/employee/year.