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Indoor Air and Groundwater Remediation

Location: Cambridge, ON
Client: Northstar Aerospace (Canada)/NS Group/Ministry of Environment
Date: 2005 – ongoing

At the former Northstar Aerospace (Canada) Inc. site in Cambridge, Ontario, on-going groundwater remediation is required to protect the nearby residential community.  Trichloroethylene (TCE), a common degreasing solvent, has been carried by the shallow groundwater system from the site and into the community for decades, affecting the indoor air quality of many homes.

AET has managed the public communication aspect of this project since its inception in 2005.   AET has liasoned with various stakeholders including all levels of government agencies, corporate officials, real estate boards, financial institutions, neighbouring businesses and with concerned residents.  AET was instrumental in the coordination of indoor air mitigation system installations throughout the community as well as in the management of residential indoor air monitoring programs.  Today, AET continues the on-going communication role of the CIC and maintains their role as a trusted consultant in the Bishop Street community.

AET staff operates and maintains a Pump and Treat system at the site as well as various soil vapour and indoor air mitigation systems in well over 200 homes.  Another critical role AET fulfills in this project is the management  and implementation of the annual indoor air monitoring program for close to 500 residential properties in the Bishop Street community.  Groundwater and surface water monitoring programs are also conducted by AET to ensure the on-going protection of the neighbouring community.