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Greening University of Waterloo EV1 and EV2

Location: Waterloo, ON
Client: University of Waterloo
Date: 2008

As part of the Faculty of Environment’s Sustainability Plan at the University of Waterloo, AET developed and facilitated a focused workshop on “Greening Environmental Studies Building 1 and 2.”  Over 50 participants including faculty, staff and students participated in the workshop to develop indicators to be measured.   Attendees discussed greening the ENV buildings, concerns, suggestions for improvements and explored strategies for moving forward to creating a sustainable work and study place. At the end of the workshop, several recommendations were presented.  The overall objectives were to:

  • Understand their current consumption that includes heat, electricity, water and waste.
  • Research and execute ways of reducing their consumption within ENV and improve their energy efficiencies.
  • Reduce their environmental footprint within ENV.
  • Educate building occupants and raise awareness of green possibilities.
  • Finally, become an environmental example for the entire campus, in more than just their name.

The focused workshop enabled the Faculty of Environmental Studies to evaluate the option of greening the existing buildings or build a new green building.  The result was the design and construction of EV3, a LEED Platinum Building.