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AET Acquires Exeter-based Kuzuka Ltd.

In 2015, AET Group Inc. (“AET”) acquired Exeter-based Kuzuka Ltd., an environmental consulting firm specializing in providing Greenhouse Gas and Sustainability Solutions to both the public and private sectors across North America.

Kuzuka is known for their comprehensive understanding of the low carbon economy and have worked with a range of public sector and private sector clients across North America, including several Fortune 500 multi-nationals. Kuzuka has led GHG and sustainability management projects in a variety of industry sectors including manufacturing, food and beverage, mining, power generation, retail, agriculture and government. Kuzuka’s consulting services include, but are not limited to, GHG inventory planning and implementation, GHG verification, carbon offset project development, product life cycle assessments, sustainability planning, sustainability data assurance, workshops and training and expertise in carbon markets and GHG regulations.

This acquisition strengthens AET’s position in the sustainability and greenhouse gas reporting industry, enhancing our ability to service our clients,  and supporting our position as a top environmental consulting and auditing company in Canada with a balanced portfolio of regional, provincial and national support for private and public sector customers.