About AET Group

AET Group is an environmental consultancy firm committed to our ecological, financial and social responsibilities, working together collaboratively to find innovative solutions that work and remembering that underneath it all, we’re human beings working with other human beings to make a difference both locally and globally.

AET Group is an employee-owned multi-disciplinary environmental consulting, auditing and scientific services company.  With over 1,000 projects completed in across Canada and the United States, AET offers extensive experience, capabilities and a proven track record that, among other benefits, assures that our clients receive value-added services, credible results and effective solutions.

Our services are used to create a sustainable built and natural environment that protects the water we drink, the air we breathe and the earth in which we live. Our multi-disciplinary approach and application of innovative and environmentally sound solutions enables any size and type of organization, both locally and globally, accomplish their project objectives or resolve their environmental issues effectively and efficiently.

AET’s ability to provide a diverse range of professional, technical and management solutions greatly enhances the resources and technical capabilities available to our clients. An indication of our success is evident by our number of repeat clients; recognition as a leading-expert in our areas of expertise; and, a company that delivers high quality service and results that often exceeds our client’s expectations.

AET staff maintains a personal and professional aptitude that allows us to work effectively with clients ranging from homeowners, government agencies to international corporations. We help them complete their project objectives within a timeline and budget that is to their satisfaction and that fits within a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable framework. Our in-depth understanding of the relationships and dynamics between the built and natural environment allows us to create workable solutions with real results.

We continue to build on our reputation as a highly-trusted and leading-edge environmental consulting firm that offers specialized technical expertise and integrated solutions which are both innovative and practical.