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Natural Sciences

AET’s Natural Sciences Team has expertise in many areas of biological science, environmental planning and environmental design. We provide services to clients from the private, governmental and non-governmental sectors.

AET’s Natural Sciences professionals are recognized for offering an in-depth understanding of natural heritage including terrestrial and aquatic environments in both pristine and culturally affected landscapes. We provide detailed analytical and problem-solving capabilities, scientifically credible reports and expertise in the application and requirements of the current environmental planning and regulatory framework of Ontario and other jurisdictions in Canada. We have project management and technical capabilities that enable us to effectively address the demands and requirements of any size of project within our areas of expertise. Our professional attention to our clients’ needs enable them to achieve their project objectives economically, sustainably and within specified time lines.

  • Natural Heritage Assessment & Management
  • Terrestrial, Aquatic, Birds & Bat Studies
  • Environmental Planning
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Design
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Recreational Systems
  • Benthic Invertebrate Studies